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Abyss of Terra's oceans
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The sea dragon-like Behemoth named Ishar-mla is one of the Seaborn's "Genesezoics" who hid within the ancient ruins of the abyss and is known for Her aggressiveness. She was thought to be slain by the Abyssal Hunters during the great assault against the Genesezoics. However, it turns out that Ishar-mla's blood has merged with Skadi after the devastating battle and remained dormant for years. Due to its divine nature, the Sea Terrors will tremble before Ishar-mla and the higher Seaborn will refer to Her as their close kin. If Skadi embraces her Seaborn blood, Ishar-mla's rage will be finally unleashed, bringing the so-called "Second Silence" across the entire Terra. She will not only flood the whole world, but also kill every being upon the land. Ancient beings like the other Feranmuts/Behemoths and even Kal'tsit alone will find it hard to calm Ishar-mla down. On the other hand, the feelings of comfort and safety the Doctor gave to Skadi were passed on to Ishar-mla who in turn spares them from the disaster, and She will keep yearning for them to join the Seaborn's hive mind until the day they eventually surrendered themselves to Her. When everything has settled, the fully reborn Ishar-mla will then lead Her kin away from Terra and soar towards the outer space in search for a new habitat.

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