Tooru Ishikawa Husbando

Tooru Ishikawa
Original Name
石川 透
Romaji Name
Ishikawa Tōru
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
October 1st
174.00 cm
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Tooru Ishikawa is a supporting character in the Horimiya series. He attends Katagiri Senior High School, where he is enrolled in Class 3-1 and is a close friend of Izumi Miyamura. He was initially known to have a crush on Kyouko Hori early on in the series. Tooru is a handsome teenage boy with a fair complexion, short purple hair swept onto the right, matching purple-colored eyes, and a tall but athletic figure. At school, Tooru is most often seen in his school uniform, consisting of a white button-up shirt with sleeves rolled up to his elbows and dark-colored slacks. Occasionally, he wears his school's sweater or blazer, accompanied by black athletic wristbands detailed with a hot-pink stripe in the middle. Initially, Tooru seems to be a very jealous type of person which is shown when he glares at Izumi Miyamura when he talks to Kyouko Hori. He has a very explosive temper, as seen in Chapter 12 when he ends up fighting with Miyamura when he (Miyamura) kept waving off Ishikawa's constant pressing on of his theories on whether or not Hori has a crush on Miyamura. However, he expresses regret about losing his temper after the fight. Ultimately, he becomes one of Miyamura's closest friends and accepts that he and Hori have started dating. Tooru is commonly shown as "the normal one" out of all the characters, with his only odd characteristic being his dreams.

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