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Ishtar, Class Name Archer, is an Archer-class Pseudo-Servant in the body of Rin Tohsaka summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order. This form is not that of the goddess Ishtar herself, but a Pseudo-Servant condition in which a human that has a wavelength close to her own was made into a vessel. Unlike Ereshkigal, Ishtar retains Rin's black hair. In this form, Ishtar has red eyes and long black hair tied up into twin tails with two black ribbons. On top of her head is a black and gold tiara, along with a golden neck brace and matching "O" shaped earings. Ishtar's clothing is very revealing, with her top being a white bra that is outlined with gold and exposes a bit of cleavage along with her lower back and stomach. On her bottom is a jeweled black-gold thong. She also wears a black stocking on her right leg that has golden ornaments, with her left ankle having a golden bracelet. Her left arm is outfitted with a black and gold glove that covers her forearm, while her left arm has a golden bracelet around her upper-arm. In “Fate/Grand Order”, Ishtar has materialized as a Pseudo-Servant by possessing a human. Since Ishtar is egotistical, she behaves without paying any regard to the possessed human, but her nature is receiving a big influence from the human that was possessed. Originally, Ishtar is both deeply compassionate and cruel, but because the personality of the possessed human is more virtuous, her cruelty has retreated to the bottom of her heart, and her good side appears to have come out ahead of it. Active and extroverted. The goddess of war and good harvests that lives according to her own whims without being a slave to her own fixed position, all while having high intelligence and pride. Ishtar loves beautiful things, hates ugly things, and the things she desires are the things she absolutely takes hold of in her own hands. Even though she is smart, she is impulsive, and sometimes leaves with an unthinkable reckless abandon. In myths, Ishtar is commented by Gilgamesh as thus: “Inanna? Isn’t she the most annoying goddess in the world!? She will destroy something that certainly doesn’t need to be destroyed, and she will also create something that doesn’t need to be created!” If Ishtar becomes ostentatious in this world, then surely in that way, she will invite chaos simultaneously. The root of Ishtar’s personality does not have any changes even when materialized as a Servant. It cannot be helped that Rin, who is the possessed vessel, almost has the same nature as Ishtar’s as well. However, there is one thing that Rin has that Ishtar doesn’t. That is “patience”. Rin is a hardworking person who is not negligent in her trainings even though she is a genius. She knows patience, which appears to be giving a little influence on this Ishtar. Incidentally, Rin became independent after losing her father when she was very young, while Ishtar behaved like a spoiled child up to the very end towards her almighty father. Ishtar is the exact opposite of Kongming (Zhuge Liang), who is identical to her by being another Pseudo-Servant, in that the human personality, the basis of the possessed human, does not come out to the surface. Ishtar thinks and behaves as Ishtar to the very end. Although she thinks to herself “Is it because I am just being a destructive god?”, Rin’s innate goodness is mixed in with that creed as this Ishtar, and the following changes were made: - I must be the most beautiful → (If there is someone more beautiful than me, I will strive to become more beautiful then) - I’ll kill anyone who opposes me → (If I made someone cry because I went too far in killing someone, I would rather stop then) - I’ll tolerate anyone who is faithful to me → (I will lend my power only in proportion to the faith you have in me) Openly like this, Ishtar’s cruelty is held back, and when assessing this as Rin Tohsaka, it at least becomes “Ah, I became just a little higher than usual.” Also, Ishtar herself is not conscious of Rin being her possessed body. “I am myself. Whatever human this possessed body was, is now the goddess Ishtar herself. Think of it in this way. Instead of saying this human was taken over by Ishtar, it is rather that suddenly on one day, she became Ishtar as well.” Although it openly sounds like she is making light of Rin’s human rights, it actually means the exact opposite. Ishtar recognizes that “if Rin Tohsaka is Ishtar, then it means Ishtar is Rin Tohsaka, regardless if it is from something like whoever is on top, to whichever one of them accepts this current state of things.” Although she will absolutely not say this. To say it in a few words, a “Tohsaka of Light (yet a devil)”. Truly, a (red) devil from Venus. For Ishtar, the Master is "a human worth teasing." Although she thinks of herself as someone celebrated, she will never do things such as looking down on someone, including humans, given that the personality of the possessed body, Rin, is her base. She comes into contact with the Master with deep affections and friendship, although simply as “a toy worth teasing.” However, as their bonds deepens, the virtue of taking care of people that she has since the beginning and her emotional weakness (of completely emphasizing with someone) works against her, and they grow from “a toy worth teasing” into “my cherished contractor, whose future is worth watching over.”

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