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Issei Hyoudou
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Hyōdō Issei
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High School DxD
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170.00 cm
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Issei Hyoudou is the main male protagonist of High School DxD. He is a third-year high school student at Kuoh Academy in Class 3-B and a member of the school's "Perverted Trio", a trio of the most perverted men in the entire student body. He is the Pawn of Rias Gremory's Peerage and a member of the Occult Research Club. After the Evil Dragon War, he was promoted to the rank of a High-Class Devil, becoming the King of his own independent peerage, and is one step closer to fufilling his dream owning a harem and becoming a "Harem King". Due to his possession of the Longinus; the Boosted Gear, which hosts the Welsh Dragon; Ddraig, Issei is the direct rival of Vali Lucifer, who is the host of the Vanishing Dragon; Albion, who is Ddraig's archrival. Issei is a high school student of average height with short spiky brown hair, with two short locks of hair behind his head, and light brown eyes. Following his training with Tannin, he gained a more muscular and toned build. While he has worn various outfits throughout the series, his most commonly worn outfit is the Kuoh Academy boys' school uniform, which consists of a blazer (more commonly black, although in other media is shown with a tinge of purple or grey, with white accents) over a white, long-sleeved dress shirt with black highlights with a black ribbon on the collar, matching black pants, and brown dress shoes. However, Issei's uniform differs in the fact that he wears a red T-shirt underneath his open dress shirt and blazer, and wears blue and white sneakers in place of dress shoes. Before fighting Riser in a rematch, Issei's left arm was transformed into a Dragon's arm, which needed a ritual performed regularly by Rias and Akeno to appear human. After his "death" he gained a new body through the efforts of Great Red and Ophis, now being able to transform parts of himself into a Dragon. He has been said to show manly expressions by his paternal grandmother. Issei's height is 170 cm (5 feet 7 inches) and body weight is 62→65 kg (137→140 lbs.). Issei is shown to be notably unintelligent with an ongoing perverted nature, often to make lecherous fantasies, and utterly obsessed with women's breasts and having his own harem. This has caused him to be instantly labeled as a pervert among the girls of Kuoh Academy and has gained him notoriety for being one of the members of Kuoh Academy's Perverted Trio. Despite his pervertedness, Issei is courageous, selfless and unwaveringly determined to protect those who are important to him, despite almost dying by the hands of his opponents. Having great kindness, Issei is also very caring, "putting his nose into other people's business" as he helped Yuuto Kiba, Koneko Toujou, and Akeno Himejima overcome their fears and hatred of their mournful past. Due to this, he gained strong friendship from his comrades and affection from most girls of the Occult Research Club and a strong sense of friendship with higher-up Devils like Rias' family; they have told him to use the same titles for them as Rias (Father, Mother, Brother, etc.), yet he still remains the same. He has a habit as mentioned by his mother of not forgiving himself if he does something wrong: always saying sorry if said thing is mentioned, and showing an expression of pain and regret. He is also fiercely loyal to his comrades and is always willing to stand up for them. Issei's kindness also have a positive influence on others including former enemies. When Issei suggested to Cao Cao to use his True Longinus to help and protect people, Cao Cao acknowledged had he and Siegfried met and befriend Issei earlier, they would not have ended up becoming terrorists in the Khaos Brigade. Another sign of his kind nature is that despite wanting to lose his virginity, Issei refuses to take advantage of women when they are upset, even if they themselves are willing to. This happened when Akeno appeared in front of him naked and wanted to have sex to forget about her sad past and her father. However, Issei refused, knowing it will just hurt her more, and put her clothes back on and hugged her to comfort her. After his murder by Raynare, Issei had developed a fear of admitting his feelings to the girls, as he thought it would cause them to turn their backs on him. This would also cause him to become oblivious to the feelings of the girls around him (save for Rias after his confession), often believing they are simply teasing him. He acknowledged that this would never happen, but it was still an intense fear. It is also why he was so insistent on trying to lose his virginity, as he believed that no woman would ever want to be in a true relationship with him and that him having sex was the best he could hope to achieve as a sense of relief. Despite that, even when the girls of the Occult Research Club such as Akeno or Xenovia propositioned him into making love to them, Issei would always initially hold himself back, as he would sometimes look at them with a frightened gaze, a fact which Akeno, Asia and Koneko later noticed. His fears were finally brought to attention when Akeno, Asia, and Koneko confronted him alone and helped him by getting him to admit his feelings and assuring him that they would always love him and so would Rias. This inspired him to finally confesses his love for her which she reciprocated, effectively helping Issei move past his fears. Even with the knowledge that the girls do have romantic affection for him, he still has problems acknowledging some of their ongoing rivalries, an example being who gets to sit on his lap. In reality, Issei has an innocent side; he is a boy who yearns for love and a true relationship, a side which he only shows to women who can see past his perverted exterior and love him for who he is and who he, in turn, has affections for. He shows this side to the girls of the Occult Research Club, for instance on his date with Akeno or when Rias takes him out on dates. Initially, after reincarnating as a devil, he set about his desire for a harem as his initial goal, by having his peerage become his harem. After the Rating Game against Sona and Saji, he slightly changed the goal to having a harem peerage that wouldn't lose to anyone. Among his other goals include competing in Rating Games and making Rias the Champion of the Rating Games by becoming the "Ultimate Pawn" alongside Kiba, who promised to become the "Ultimate Knight" with him and his desire to become the Champion of the Rating Games himself after he obtains his own peerage. He is also deeply invested in his rivalry with Vali Lucifer, his Heavenly Dragon counterpart, as Issei promised to get stronger and defeat him, with the both of them reaffirming their promise to fight each other some day multiple times during the series and Vali suggesting that Issei create his own team like Vali which is different from his peerage. Their rivalry would heat up after the both of them enter the Azazel Cup, with Issei creating his own team, "Team Red Dragon Emperor of the Blazing Truth", to try to win the Cup and defeat Vali during the tournament. After the two of them passed the preliminary rounds, the two expressed their desire to continue their initial fight as the both of them promised not to lose until they meet each other in the Cup. As revealed by Shiva, Issei has a deep desire for peace which is further strengthened by him being the "child" of Great Red and Ophis, as Issei seems incapable of realizing his dream of becoming a Harem King until he obtains peace with his own hands. Due to experiencing intense fights in which he nearly died, Issei affirms his desire to create a world without war and protect his companions even if his enemy is a God. While initially shown to be unable to understand the appeal of fighting, Shiva reveals that Issei has developed fondness of fighting strong opponents with strong beliefs, with Issei himself confirming that he has come to like defeating strong opponents as equally as groping female breasts. While Issei is shown to like battling strong opponents, at first he was unable to truly "enjoy" a fight (except his match with Sairaorg) due them mostly being life-threatening fights. This began to change after his match with Dulio, as he realized that competing in the Azazel Cup is mostly sport rather than a serious fight. Issei is shown to admire strong individuals who have strong beliefs and convictions, seeing them as targets for him to catch up to. He is shown to admire Sairaorg Bael, after witnessing his strength and noble splendor and that respect intensified after learning that Sairaorg was talentless like him, as he noted their similar fighting styles. Due to his interest in Rating Games, he has developed a admiration towards Diehauser Belial and Rudiger Rosenkreutz, due to them being the Top 10 Rating Game players, with Issei especially admiring Rudiger Rosenkreutz; as he was a reincarnated devil like Issei himself. As Dragon, he is shown to admire Tannin, admiring his strength and his desire to help other Dragon as Issei considers him the true Dragon King due to his splendor, and Crom Cruach, due to his overwhelming power and his pride as dragon. While he was initially exasperated and annoyed by Fafnir and his panties fetish, Issei is shown to have developed a respect for him after he witnessed Fafnir's willpower and determination to protect Asia from Rizevim. Issei is noted be be a very friendly person, able to become friends with anyone. Azazel stated that he has the ability to win over the trust of others easily and doesn't discriminate against anyone as others can feel at ease with him due to him not resenting anyone, with Azazel calling that ability a talent of Issei's. Issei's ability to attract companions, allies and enemies is further enhanced by him being the Red Dragon Emperor. According to Cao Cao, despite Issei's lack of natural talent and demonic power, Issei's ability to attract others by holding dragon powers is top notch compared to previous Red Dragon Emperors, as Cao Cao believes that Issei will become the most dangerous Red Dragon Emperor. His ability to obtain the trust of other is so great that the residual memories of the past Red Dragon Emperors sacrificed themselves to protect him from Samael's curse. After coming back from the dead with by using Great Red and Ophis' power, Cao Cao commented that Issei's power to attract the strong is scary due to it attracting powerful beings like the Dragon Gods to aid him. According to Azazel, Issei makes a lot of irregular phenomena occur, for instance; a lot of Sacred Gear possessors near Issei were able to awaken irregular Balance Breakers (such as Yuuto, Gasper and Saji). Ophis stated that Issei is as strong as the number of companions he has. According to Azazel, Issei has the natural ability to make supernatural girls fall in love with him, while Millarca Vordenburg stated that most of the men who meet Issei become fascinated with him. While initially being confused by his popularity among the devil children due to Oppai Dragon, Issei eventually embraced the role of being the Oppai Dragon and began acting as a hero for the children as was demonstrated in Volume 10, where he carried the wishes of child fans during his match with Sairaorg Bael, promising to defeat him for the sake of Rias and the children who believed in him. Issei has placed the his desire to protect the children of the Underworld and of the other factions as one of his goals as seen when he defeated various foes who threatened the children and their dreams such as Shalba Beelzebub, Grendel, and Erebus. In fact, due to Shalba's insanity and him promising to kill the children of the Underworld for rejecting him as a Satan, Issei killed him to stop his malice from reaching the children. In battle, Issei is sometimes very stubborn, and due to his emotions, he often charges ahead towards his enemies without a second thought whenever his comrades are insulted, treated badly, or easily defeated. Azazel has stated that it is one of Issei's bad habits. Lately, he has started to become more tactical in his battles, using technique-type strategies to defeat opponents, as shown when he used the abilities of the Wyverns in a unique way to defeat Euclid. Issei also displays strong moral principles, as seen when he initially refused to actually kill his enemies. Even after killing Shalba Beelzebub, Issei still rarely ever kills his enemies and prefers to either let others do so or simply let them face arrest. While Issei can carry grudges, he is not above forgiving his enemies and becoming friends with them due to his kindness, as seen with Riser, Kuroka, Vali and Cao Cao.

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