Itejiro Toteki Husbando

Itejiro Toteki
Place of Origin
Aichi Prefecture, Japan
Date of Birth
December 20th
171.00 cm
Blood Type
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Popularity # 14010
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Trash # 5134

Itejiro Toteki, also known as Boomerang Man, is a third-year student at Ketsubutsu Academy High School training to become a Pro Hero. Itejiro is a young man with small, black, oval-shaped eyes, a notably small mouth, and a round nose. He has wavy, shoulder-length black hair which is pushed back on his forehead before it comes down to frame his face. His hero costume consists of a black shirt with elbow-length sleeves, two thin pale gray lines circling his shoulders and plain black capri pants, a pair of tights underneath, and black sneakers on his feet. Around his neck, he wears a wide red scarf that covers his chin, and on his hands a pair of thin red wristbands and dark red, fingerless gloves. Itejiro's body language suggests he's a shy boy who likes to keep to himself. However, Itejiro is very confident in his own abilities and tries to maintain a certain level of grace in his performances. Gracefulness leads Itejiro to be apologetic about his abilities even when he's using them to help others.

black eyes black hair dot eyes fair skin japanese long hair scarf shy student superhero wavy hair shoulder-length hair
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