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Itori is an old friend of Yomo and Uta. She can be found in Helter Skelter bar, where she shares information in the underworld. Itori is also a member of the Clowns. Itori has long, peachy orange hair, parted down the center and worn loose. She's thin, and typically wears revealing clothes. In the anime, she wears a black corset dress with sheer neck and arms and a ruffled skirt and shoes. She has a voluptuous body and large breasts. In her youth, she has chin-length hair and she often wore revealing clothing as she used this to distract enemies. Her ghoul mask is a noseless carnival clown mask with a toothy grin. The mask has a heart with three dots as its right eye and a clover as its left eye with spades beside them and a protruding chin. Itori is very friendly and talkative. She likes having fun and even pulling pranks, but she uses people like toys to get the information she wants. She also seems to be an assertive and extroverted woman. Once she is revealed as a member of the Clowns, she shows a more cruel and sadistic side when she gleefully mentions CCG's new goal of eradicating all ghouls. Like all members of the Clowns, she thrives on creating chaos and destruction. She is fond of drinking blood, possibly hinting at her being a connoisseur like Shuu Tsukiyama.

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