Itsuka Kendou

Itsuka Kendou
Place of Origin
Chiba Prefecture
Date of Birth
September 9th
166.00 cm
Blood Type
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Popularity # 232
Like # 215
Trash # 409

Itsuka has large, green eyes along with strawberry blonde hair which is shaped in a side ponytail. In her Hero Costume, she has the same ponytail hair style, though the front part of her hair is spikier. She wears a light blue Qipao, a black corset that goes just below her breasts, and black spats, alongside a brown utility belt. Her face is covered by a black cloth domino mask tied behind the back of her head. Itsuka is a spirited girl who is also thoughtful of others. She doesn't hesitate to criticize even her classmates if she feels what they're doing isn't right, such as when she called Neito out on unnecessarily provoking Katsuki or when he antagonizes Izuku and the rest of Class A. She is also willing to pass on opportunities that would benefit her if she feels other people deserve it better, shown when she let Tetsutetsu and Ibara participate in the tournament event of the Sports Festival in place of her team.

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