Itsuomi Nagi Husbando

Itsuomi Nagi
Original Name
波岐 逸臣
Romaji Name
Nagi Itsuomi
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
December 20th
Blood Type
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Popularity # 27837
Like # 26258
Trash # 28886

Itsuomi Nagi is the main male protagonist of Sign of Affection manga. He is a Traveler. Itsuomi was born in Japan 22 years ago, but at the age of six, he moved to Germany with his parents. One day, while he was studying German, he saw some children playing soccer and tried to strike up a conversation with them. He thought that they wouldn't understand him or that they wouldn't want to play with him, but it wasn't like that. This fact made him interested to learn German and other languages. On his seventh birthday, he got on a plane as a gift and flew to an unknown place that made him change his vision of the world. Years later, Itsuomi returned to Japan alone to study high school, and then began to study intercultural studies in "working holiday" as a backpacker. There, he meets Rin Fujishiro since he belonged to the international club. He works part-time at a bar run by his cousin Kyouya Nagi. Itsuomi doesn't seem to show much of his facial expressions, making it a mystery with what he thinks at times. He is very outgoing and always tries to learn from other cultures or points of view, to the point that sometimes it seems that he knows no limits or personal space. This means that when he has free time he travels abroad to expand his knowledge.

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