Izana Husbando

Original Name
Romaji Name
Place of Origin
Izumo, Hoshido
Date of Birth
December 29th
Blood Type
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Popularity # 28980
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Contrary to his serene appearance and status as a noble, Izana is extremely flamboyant, peppering his speech with unusual phrases and overall excitable charm. He enjoys throwing parties for even the simplest of things, as on Birthright he asks Corrin to stay for a party for saving him (even though he stayed in a luxurious cell). He is also concerned with his appearance, as he is a five-time winner of the Best Hair Award in Izumo. This is supported in his epilogue, where the war prevented him from winning anymore awards, and despite hosting lavish parties and vacations, was upset about this. The fact that he is also recruited by upgrading the Hot Springs to the highest level also supports this fact. During his spare time, Izana gives fortunes to curious clients. Whether they are legitimate or not are unknown, as during his support conversations with Corrin, he gives a simple fortune which Corrin states that it is quite obvious to everyone. During the Birthright and Revelation playthrough, his fortunes were considerably more accurate than the ones in his support conversations. His birthday is December 29.

facial markings fair skin flamboyant long hair noble rich white hair yellow eyes
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