Izana Kurokawa Husbando

Izana Kurokawa
Original Name
黒川 イザナ
Romaji Name
Kurokawa Izana
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
August 30th 1987
165.00 cm
58.00 kg
Blood Type
Submitted By
안 겔
Popularity # 10026
Like # 9954
Trash # 8437

Izana Kurokawa was the former 8th leader of Black Dragon and former president of Tenjiku. He was also one of the main antagonists of The Tenjiku Arc. Izana was a young man of average height with large, vacant purple eyes and had a tan complexion due to being half Filipino. His bleach blond hair styled in a center-parted undercut almost appeared as if it were white hair. As the leader of Tenjiku, Izana wore the red coat version of the Tenjiku uniform, as well as hanafuda-derived earrings. Izana had the possibility of being the kind compassionate elder brother he was when he left Emma, but due to his years alone, became ruthless and cruel. Not only has he become mentally unstable but, he strives for absolute power due to being helpless as a child and now has a hate for his "siblings". Despite desperately craving a family, he treats his subordinates like disposable tools and rules over them like a tyrant. He is dismissive of others and will make it clear that he looks down on them, regardless of friend or foe.

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