Izumi Uchiha

Izumi Uchiha
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Uchiha Izumi
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Izumi Uchiha was a kunoichi of Konohagakure's Uchiha Clan. Izumi had long brown hair (in a ponytail in her youth) with bangs framing her face and onyx eyes, with a mole under her right eye. She wore a long-sleeved, high-collared purple shirt with the Uchiha clan symbol on the back, baggy blue pants, a shuriken hostler on her right leg, red armband on her left arm, and a long purple fingerless glove that ran nearly the length of her arm. Izumi was described as a kind and considerate girl for an Uchiha. After her father's sacrifice, Izumi was traumatised and blamed herself. Since then, she decided to live up to her father's example by becoming stronger so she could help others like her father did. Because of this, Izumi never fell into the Curse of Hatred, unlike the vast majority of her fellow clansmen. Even though she appeared to distrust the rest of her clan like Itachi and Shisui Uchiha, she still had great pride and faith in her clan as she refused to believe an Uchiha would've summoned Kurama to cause such death and destruction that took her father's life. Her desire to help others weighed heavily on her, as she was deeply distressed she wasn't progressing as quickly as Itachi, who she used to measure her abilities against. When Itachi tried to convince her to abandon her goal of helping others because of her innocence and weaknesses, she was visibly hurt. Izumi was deeply in love with Itachi, so much so that she accepted Itachi's decision to end her life for the sake of the village, and was grateful to be given the life she wanted with him: growing old and having kids together, even if it was only a genjutsu.

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