Izumo Kamiki

Izumo Kamiki
Original Name
Romaji Name
Kamiki Izumo
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
October 11th
164.00 cm
49.00 kg
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Popularity # 1202
Like # 1257
Trash # 957

Izumo Kamiki is a female top student at the Exorcism Cram School of True Cross Academy who comes from a long line of shrine maidens. Izumo is a young woman of slender figure and petite appearance. She has fair skin with a rosy tint, a round face with fine features, big dark red eyes with cat-like shape and small oval-shaped eyebrows, and long dark purple hair which she usually keeps in a twintails or a ponytail hairstyle. Her eyebrows are the reason why Rin Okumura calls her by the nickname polkabrows. Izumo also has been called "cute" by Yohei. Her outfit is primarily the school uniform, which consists of a white-colored shirt with the red-black school tie is tied with a large bow, tight white thigh high socks, a short pink skirt with a black belt, and black Mary Jane shoes. It is revealed that she wears a push up bra to avoid looking flat-chested. When performing ritual dances, Izumo wears a priestess outfit with a fox mask, flower-printed haori coat, and two fans. According to herself, Izumo is someone with a bad attitude who hates to lose, being very cold, blunt, and condescending towards those around her except for her very close ones. Like Ryuji, she is almost always frowning, one of the few times she isn't is when she is smiling smugly at someone's expense. Though not cruel, Izumo is somewhat manipulative, taking advantage of Shiemi's naivety when asked to be her friend by essentially making her servant. Despite her cold nature and initially acting arrogant towards others' goals, Izumo occasionally shows true kindness and consideration towards others, even though she doesn't appear that way. This causes her to encourage her friends when they are frustrated, as well as finally recognizing their different priorities. Despite being an Exorcist, Izumo is open and even curious to Demons, noticing their differences and respecting them as she eventually realizes all things/beings complement each other. This made her the first Exwire to accept Rin after learning that he was the son of Satan, as well as scolding the others for their poor treatment of him. Stemming from the isolation she suffered as a child for being able to see demons and her family's separation by those she asked for help, Izumo grew up distrustful of other people, convincing herself that she couldn't rely on anyone and kept her distance from everyone in her class except Paku, even saying she would rather die than be friends with them. After the group starts working together though, Izumo starts to open up to them more, even putting herself in danger for her new friends and feeling down the few times she couldn't help them. At first, Izumo easily lost confidence when she saw her friends in distress, even temporarily losing control of her familiars after witnessing Paku get badly injured by a Ghoul. Overtime, Izumo has slowly learned to stay calm and composed during battles. Izumo is very self-conscious about her appearance: She hates the way she gets a crease between her eyebrows when reading, studying, or thinking hard. Furthermore, after seeing Shura and Shiemi's large bare breasts and figures, Izumo says while crying in a comedic way how poorly endowed she is and lacking in many places. Doubling the irony is a womanizer like Renzo has shown actual interest in her even after seeing Izumo in a swimsuit (which revealed her lack of breasts).

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