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Izuru Kamukura
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Izuru Kamukura is one of the two main antagonists of Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair, and a major character in the Danganronpa series. Izuru was the end product of Izuru Kamukura Project, and as a "genius out of the ordinary" and Hope's Peak Academy's ultimate goal, went by the title of the Ultimate Hope. Izuru has very long, flowing black hair (though it may appear to be dark brown in some light). His hair is usually smooth, though it's also been portrayed as messy. He has red eyes with symbols resembling target radars running across his pupils, unlike Hajime. His skin is pale, and sometimes appears grey or cadaverous. He wears a black suit with three white buttons, a black tie and a white dress shirt inside. He also has a black belt and black loafers. When Izuru appears in Hajime's subconscious, he is dressed in Hajime's attire. After he exits the Neo World Program, Izuru and Hajime's identities merge together. Choosing to resume his appearance as Hajime, he cuts his hair short and switches his black suit for Hajime's school attire. His eyes have also become heterochromatic. His left eye is red while his right eye remains green. The design of both his eyes have also adapted Izuru's target radar design. In Danganronpa V3's bonus mode, Izuru appears the same as in Danganronpa 2, although his hair appears lighter and his skin less grey as a result of no longer being in shadow. Due to the drastic changes that the operations made to turn Hajime into Izuru, his original personality was suppressed so as to not interfere with his talent cultivation. Izuru appears as a cold and emotionless person who finds everything and everyone boring, though he does talk and express in a more polite way than his alternate identity in the Japanese version. He expresses a disgust for talentless people, because his "teachers" taught him that they are just parasites who oppose and leech off of those with talent instead of acknowledging their "true superiors". He believes that such people brought the world to a deadlock and created a world that has stopped evolving, and that the only way to improve this is a certain form of "selection". Because of his constant boredom, Izuru is highly resellient to unpleasant events happening around him, as he watched The Tragedy of Hope's Peak Academy and Chisa's brainwashing running their full courses completely unfazed. Izuru enjoys unpredictability, which can make him feel more emotional, but he also tends to quickly grow bored because his supernatural analytical skills and intuition cause him to quickly predict things with surprising accuracy. This is seen in Chapter 0 of Danganronpa 2, as he is visibly excited by the rocking of the boat only to find it boring a few seconds later (he is also so focused on the rocking that he doesn't even realize he's on a boat, at first). Notably, he appears aware that he is only being used and his talents are "leeched off" to create hope he finds boring and predictable, but he has no motivation to change his situation. Junko eventually used this to manipulate him, as she told him to strive for the unknown of despair and chaos, finally motivating him to strive to actively free himself from the boredom. In Danganronpa 3, Izuru is shown to be quite silent at times, acting responsively only when he finds it necessary. Instead, he often observes other people and situations silently with no changes in his facial expressions, often without being noticed by other people. He appears to have no interest in humor nor romantic approaches from other people, as he often doesn't even look at other people during those moments, and ignores such behavior from Junko. He never laughs nor smiles, and generally doesn't change his expressions much. However, while he lacks sympathy for others, he differs from Junko in that he does not enjoy the suffering of others, and thus mostly hurts or kills other people only for self-defense. While he usually has no interest nor care for other people, the only exception is Chiaki due to his past life, as Hajime's attachment to her made him shed tears (though he didn't appear to know why) and she is the only person he subconsciously cared for as shown when he kept her hairpin and mourned for her after the Tragedy. In Danganronpa Another Episode, Izuru appears completely silent and seemingly unemotional. However, he rips the hard drives from Shirokuma and Kurokuma in a rather aggressive and seemingly annoyed manner, which is even commented on by the Alter Ego Junko. Similarly, he appears unusually bitter and vengeful while talking about Junko during Chapter 0 of the second game, because she used him in the past. It's also possible that he is subconsciously angry because she killed Chiaki. After the Neo World Program, the person who went in as Izuru started to identify as Hajime. He still expresses boredom to some things, but his personality is mostly like Hajime's, as he has an easier time feeling emotions and is more proactive.

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