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Jakob is a butler who serves Corrin in the Kingdom of Nohr. Although born into aristocracy, Jakob lost connections with both of his parents, a fact that, according to his supports with Azura, stems from them never loving him, never forging happy memories with him, and eventually abandoning him. Electing to follow Corrin regardless of the choice that they make, Jakob attributes this to the kindness and compassion that they displayed towards him when he was alienated during his induction into the service of the Nohrian royalty, keeping him around despite his initial blunders. If he achieves an S-Support, Jakob will have a son named Dwyer. If Corrin is male, Jakob will remain in the Northern Fortress with Flora. At the end of Chapter 15 of Birthright, Conquest and Revelation, Jakob will eventually find Corrin's My Castle and promptly joins their cause. In the case of the female Corrin, he is more involved with the first few chapters.

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