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James Ironwood
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General James Ironwood was an ally of Team RWBY. Ironwood was courteous to his allies, was also far-thinking and tactical, and had a jovial, friendly, humorous and proud public persona. He also respected courage, loyalty, selflessness, and duty above all in people and displayed a generous personality. He was the Headmaster of Atlas Academy, as well as a general in the Atlesian Military. Original (Volumes 2–3): Ironwood was shown to be well dressed and clean, much like Ozpin. He wore a white overcoat, with a gray undercoat, black sweater, a red necktie and a white glove on his right hand. His suit pants shared the same color as his overcoat and were tucked into silver boots accented in gray. Final Outfit (Volumes 7-8): Ironwood's appearance once again became less pristine in his appearance. His stubble had fully grown into a beard, and his hair was more disheveled and swept to the left. Ironwood wore a dark-blue collared shirt and red tie, along with a white coat with dark blue cuffs, dark blue and red accents and silver buttons. He wore a white long-sleeved double-breasted jacket over the shirt, with two dark-blue belts, one across his chest, the other around his waist. He also sported dark blue pants tucked into a pair of dark blue calf high boots with red lining and large cuffs alongside silver steel toe and heel plating. He also sported a pair of white gloves.

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