Jason Husbando

Original Name
大守 八雲
Romaji Name
Yakumo Oomori
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
March 15th
186.00 cm
101.00 kg
Blood Type
Submitted By
Popularity # 3605
Like # 18200
Trash # 411

Yakumo Oomori (大守 八雲, Ōmori Yakumo) was an executive of Aogiri Tree and the founding leader of the White Suits from the 13th ward. Typically, he was called by his alias Yamori (ヤモリ, lit. "Gecko"). Due to his brutality, he also became known as 13th Ward's Jason (第13病棟のジェイソン, Dai 13 Byōtō no Jeison). Appearance: amori was a very bulky man with slicked back blonde hair and sharp lizard eyes and was every bit as scary as he looked. Normally in an entirely white suit and black dress shirt, he resembled a typical gangster. His face closely resembled a gecko. His mask is a reference to Jason Voorhees, a hockey mask that echoed his violent temperament. Personality: Not much was known before his imprisonment, but Yamori developed an arrogant and sadistic personality that mirrored his interrogator as a means of escaping the reality of his torture. He was a manipulative and deceitful ghoul who would be violent in order to get what he desires. He inherited the finger cracking from his interrogator which he would, unintentionally, pass to Kaneki. Despite his brutish, cruel, sadistic and violent nature he was somewhat carefree. He also loved his mother dearly, enough so that in his last moments alive he constantly called out to her.

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