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Jean Jacques is a young man with curly dark hair covering his eyes and a slim form. He wears a cravat tied around his neck, and is seen wearing a dark suit in all of his appearances. Jean Jacques is calm and steady. He’s an excellent cook and good at a variety of household activities, like cleaning and sewing. Jean Jacques was raised by his parents and grandparents. As a child, his grandparents told him stories about Chloé D’Apchier, the silver witch who lived in the forest. Soon after, Jean Jacque’s grandparents died and he changed into a vampire, fracturing his relationship with his parents. At this point, Jean Jacques travelled to the woods of Gévadaun in search of Chloé. The two became friends. At some point after this, rumors of the Beast of Gévaudan started appearing, and Chloé was accused of being the beast. In order to protect her, Jean Jacques gave his true name to Nsemis in exchange for the ability to become a beast just like the one in the rumors. He was hunted and shot by his own father, and Chloé brought him back to her castle.

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