Jessica Bailey

Jessica Bailey
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Jeshika Beirī
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Jessica Bailey is a minor antagonist in the series. She is a member of DEM and also a Wizard first appearing in Volume 6. Jessica is shown to have long curly dark red hair and fox-like icy blue eyes. She often wears a black military uniform in the JGSDF garrison. During a battle, she wears CR-Unit with dark pink and grayish red as the main color scheme. Jessica is shown to be mentally unstable. While she appears to be calm when not battling, her true self is similar to Ellen. She is very condescending toward the AST for their constant failure to kill any Spirits. Jessica is extremely loyal to Westcott and seeks his approval, holding a one-sided rivalry with Mana for outranking her, something which intensifies after Mana defects from DEM. Jessica becomes a battle maniac after absorbing too much magic during her final battle with Mana and even goes to the point of saying Mana's name repeatedly in a deranged manner. Later as she is dying, Jessica reveals that her unhinged nature when fighting only comes from wanting to have Westcott's recognition.

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