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Jou "Joe" Tazuna is one of Sara Chidouin's closest friends and has been trapped with her in the Death Game. Joe is an extremely upbeat, excitable, considerate, and loyal person. He is easily embarrassed when others misinterpret him and is sensitive to how people perceive his appearance. Like Sara, Joe puts in all his efforts to help the group succeed in the puzzles. He consistently convinces the group to believe in Sara and her abilities and generally places most of his trust to her. Though he is described as gaudy by Reko Yabusame and has a small habit of saying the wrong things at the wrong time, Joe is genuinely kind-hearted and sensitive to others' feelings. Although not academically one of the smartest in the group, he does provide occasional insights. At some point, he befriended Sara during their years in high school. Their bond deepened when on Joe's birthday where Sara gifts him a dog keychain that her friend, Ryoko, won at an arcade. After this, Sara introduced him to Ryoko and the three became close friends. After some time passed, Joe asked Ryoko on a date and she agreed. On said date, they went and ate doner kebabs and, at some unspecified time (unknown whether this happened before or after they ate), he fell in a ditch and she helped him back up. It should be noted that their date was on the day of the kidnapping.

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