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Jolyne Cujoh
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Jolyne Cujoh is the Main protagonist of Part 6 and the sixth JoJo of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series. Jolyne is the only female "JoJo" to date, and the daughter of Jotaro Kujo. Initially an ordinary girl, Jolyne quickly awakens her string-based Stand, Stone Free, during her time in jail.‎ Jolyne is a young woman of above-average height and slim to athletic build. Bold-eyed, she wears her hair in two "layers": A dark base including two large buns atop her head and a short length going down her neck; above which, lightly dyed or bleached, she keeps a plait or braid that winds around both buns, joining in a short length at back, and bangs that frame her face. Like all other members of the Joestar family, Jolyne has a small star-shaped birthmark on the rear of her left shoulder, close to her neck; and has tattooed on the top of her left forearm the image of butterfly wings superimposed with a downward-pointing dagger, which reappears on the chest of her outfits. Jolyne's depiction in Part 6 transitions slightly from a slimmer and smoother to a more dynamic and athletic build. Simultaneously, she works through several primarily dark outfits, characterized by a spiderweb-like print. Flighty, abrupt, and snappy with her elders, Jolyne in her teenage years was easily considered a delinquent and lost cause. Bitter at Jotaro for being absent from her life, she tried multiple times to catch her father's attention by committing multiple minor crimes and went to jail several times for them. Because of her father's absence, Jolyne was said to be dependent on the affection and approval of those around her, and she was ready to cover Romeo's accident, resulting in her being sentenced to 15 years in prison for it. After acquiring her Stand and being told by Jotaro of his love for her, Jolyne noticeably matures, becoming more courageous and confident. "Reviving" Jotaro, who fell into a coma due to Whitesnake stealing his Stand and memory, turns into her priority. Jolyne retains her confrontational attitude throughout the story. A former delinquent living in a maximum-security prison, Jolyne had to toughen up and can be especially rude. Her rare interactions with villains are either surly taunts or death threats, knowing how despicable most of them are. She also advocates aggressively asserting herself, especially in the prison, and once told F.F. to violently confront an inmate who cut in the queue for buying their lunch. Jolyne is particularly violent in her fights; she's used the cutting ability of her string to gruesomely wound her opponents, severing ears and nails for instance. Jolyne also has a vindictive side and repays tenfold any wrong committed against her, notably indirectly cutting Romeo's tongue for betraying her, moreover, Jolyne still holds a little grudge against Gwess, her first enemy and wants nothing to do with her despite the latter's effort to behave in front of Jolyne.

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