Jolyne's Mother

Jolyne's Mother
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Jolyne's mother and Jotaro's ex-wife, seen only in flashbacks. She is said to be American and has a close relationship with her daughter, whom she raised mostly alone due to the absence of her husband. After Romeo's betrayal, Jolyne only allows her mother to call her JoJo. Before Jolyne's trial in court, her mother asks her lawyer to deliver clothes, socks, underwear, a toothbrush, vitamins, her favorite books and magazines, some schoolwork, and an amulet that Jotaro asked her to give Jolyne if she was ever in trouble. While in prison, Jolyne frequently thinks about her mom and wants to hear her voice. It is unknown where she met Jotaro, as well as her location during the events of Stone Ocean. It can be assumed that she is unaware of Stands and of Jotaro's activities with the Speedwagon Foundation, as Jotaro took pains to keep her and Jolyne out of danger. In Jolyne, Fly High with GUCCI, she dies.

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