Joshua Husbando

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Fire Emblem
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Joshua is met by Eirika and her group in Serafew where he is working as a mercenary on a job to kill Natasha. Natasha approaches Joshua to tell him about the emperor's strange changes; however, he seems to be uninterested with her words. Sometime after this, he went into the local arena, but lost most of his gold. Upon being spoken to by Natasha again, he has a bet with her, and ultimately joins Eirika's group, most likely due to cheating towards her favour. In Eirika's route, he is revealed to be the Prince of Jehanna, who disappeared about ten years prior to the beginning of the story, abandoning both his mother, Ismaire, and his title so he could better learn about his people's needs and become worthy of the crown in his own eyes. During this time he worked with Caellach in a mercenary troop, and appears to have earned a penchant for stirring up trouble off the job, but Caellach appreciated him anyway. During Chapter 15, Joshua can, at the player's discretion, be made to fight Caellach. When the battle begins, Joshua and Caellach will reminisce on their time as mercenaries together. In Eirika's route Joshua then bluntly asks if Caellach killed his mother. Caellach confirms this, and says things like that happen in war and that grudges get in the way of work. Joshua sarcastically agrees and proclaims he is going to kill Caellach and that he should not hold it against him, which angers Caellach. In Ephraim's route, on the other hand, more detail is put into their time as mercenaries and Caellach's ambitions, where it is revealed that Caellach would always pick fights with Joshua, but still respected him. Caellach then attempts to goad Joshua over to his side, which he refuses. They then go to battle due to their opposing sides but seem to hold no ill will towards each other, unlike in Eirika's route. Joshua is a very roguish, flirtatious, casual, and carefree person. He's also very cunning, enough so that he can cheat without getting noticed, although Gerik and Artur can catch him on.Despite being fairly unlucky, he believes in luck more than ability, and is carefree about his job, as shown when he is sent to kill Natasha, he'd rather head back to the Arena. Despite his jovial and laid back attitude, Joshua is very loyal, genuinely kind, and skilled in the battlefield. He felt deep guilt over leaving his mother. He shows the most kindness to girls, as shown in his conversations with Natasha, Marisa and L'Arachel. Despite his cheating tendencies, Joshua is fairly honest, as seen in a support conversation with Innes where he cheats Innes out of tons of gold. The Frelian prince refuses to give up, despite having lost so much money. He later admits to him that he cheated and offers to return the gold, though Innes allows him to keep it and continues to bet with him. In his supports with L'Arachel, he loses his bets and attempts to rig the game towards his favour, but continually fails.

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