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Judith is one of the protagonists in Tales of Vesperia. She is a member of the Kritya tribe, a minority race. As a Krytian, Judith has pointy ears, blue hair, and two long antennae. Her default attire consists of blue and white, short pieces, revealing much of her skin. As the Dragon Rider, Judith's attire consists of white armor with some purple, red, and brown details. She also wears a tall helmet and white cape with this attire. A variant of this outfit with dark blue boots is worn whenever she has the title Guardian of the Truth equipped. Judith is one of the more mysterious, mature, and rational members of the group. She is gentle-looking, perceptive, composed, receptive, and often acts without explaining her actions, frequently failing to gain an impression of the current situation. She is also decisive, persistent, witty, somewhat impulsive, and quite bold, preferring to wear revealing outfits. Judith is also very flirtatious and enjoys teasing the male members of the group, often making suggestive comments about "showing a little more" of her already impressive figure. Estelle has humorously shown to be jealous of Judith's physique and power over men she possesses. Judith has stated she is "not a very good liar", and this fact is evident in several conversations. She also enjoys fighting a great deal and becomes excited at the prospect of a battle, almost to an extent that it unnerves other members of the group, and she is disappointed when unable to fight. Judith is also shown to be somewhat fastidious as she states she must shower at least once a day.

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