Junko Hattori

Junko Hattori
Original Name
服部 絢子
Romaji Name
Hattori Junko
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Junko Hattori is the secondary protagonist of the light novel series, manga series, and anime series Demon King Daimao. She is a student and class representative of class 1-A, a member of the Hattori Clan, and a disciple of the god Suhara. Junko has blue hair and blue eyes. She wears two red clips on the left side of her face. She looks similar to her younger sister, Yuko Hattori. Being a student, Junko wears a regular school uniform, but she also wears her ninja uniform, which is a long open blue robe, a long blue scarf around her neck. Junko is a nice girl who believes strongly in justice. When she heard that Akuto Sai was the new Demon King, she went as far as to try and kill him for the sake of the world. but then on episode 3 when she and all the other students try to kill Akuto Sai, she failed and everyone thought she was joking about killing him then she and Akuto Sai teamed up to take them down and it's also stated that she has feelings for Akuto Sai for example episode 6 when she was in the water with Akuto Sai she asked Akuto why he calls Kena by her 1st name and not her even though they were friends

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