Junya Kaneshiro Husbando

Junya Kaneshiro
Original Name
金城 潤矢 かねしろ じゅんや
Romaji Name
Kaneshiro Junya
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
Blood Type
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Like # 42513
Trash # 1336

A con-man tied with the Yakuza who shook Shibuya with his scams. Kaneshiro at first glance, appears to be a ruthless, callous, and greedy crime lord as well as a shrewd scam artist, obsessed with accumulating wealth and money and utilizing scams and debts to reap the benefit from his hapless prey. His secrecy and untouchability by law makes him incredibly difficult to investigate, which piqued the fear and interest of many others and made him seem like a mysterious and dreaded leader of an untouchable crime syndicate. He thinks that teenagers and adolescents are gullible and easy to manipulate since they are young, naive and believe everything they were told on the internet, and thus his brutal scams tend to prey on adolescents. He is so obsessed with money to the point that he even dedicates a briefcase that filled with a large amount of money which disturbs Ryuji Sakamoto and disgusts Makoto Niijima. Makoto, when the party fights him, even tells him to his face that he's "nothing but a disgusting fly swarming to dirty money" and a "money-grubbing asshole." In reality, Kaneshiro is a childish, pathetic and insecure man with an artificially engineered self-ego. He was born poor, which caused him to pick up a philosophy where selflessness is a weakness with no place in monetary matters. He is also very petty and will resort to blackmailing teenagers simply because he wants to go spending money for the sake of relieving anger. Furthermore, a close inspection of the money inside his briefcase reveals that they are actually fake money, further indicating that he is nothing other than a childish man running a massive criminal industry to artificially inflate his self-ego.

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