Jurota Shishida Husbando

Jurota Shishida
Place of Origin
Akita Prefecture, Japan
Date of Birth
March 26th
174.00 cm
Blood Type
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Jurota Shishida, also known as Gevaudan, is a student in Class 1-B at U.A. High School, training to become a Pro Hero. Jurota is a tall young man with a very beastly appearance. He has shaggy, brown, hair, covering most of his body. He has sharp teeth and his large jaw sticks out a fair amount, with two of his lower canines poking upwards from between his lips. He also wears small, rectangular glasses with thick black lenses. His hero costume consists of a regular pair of pants, a shirt collar with no shirt and a pair of stylized goggles in place of his normal glasses. While his Quirk is activated, Jurota's size increases greatly, his hair grows thicker and shaggier, and his fangs become longer and more pronounced. Jurota seems to be an intellectual as he uses a fairly verbose way of speaking and often addresses others by respectful titles such as 'sir' and 'miss'. This is because he was brought up in a very well mannered and doting family. While transformed, however Jurota is rather boisterous and energetic, which is likely a side effect of his Quirk. Jurota admires Hound Dog and wishes he could throw everything away like he does, but is unable to because of his upbringing.

beard brown hair facial hair fangs fur high school student no eyebrows short hair student sunglasses superhero teen chin-length hair shades
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