Juzo Honenuki Husbando

Juzo Honenuki
Place of Origin
Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan
Date of Birth
June 20th
174.00 cm
Blood Type
Popularity # 10534
Like # 13568
Trash # 4754

Juzo Honenuki, also known as Mudman, is a student in Class 1-B at U.A. High School, where he got in through official recommendations, and is currently training there to become a Pro Hero. Juzo is a pale-skinned young man with angular eyes, mid-length spiked hair of beige color, a flat nose and small eyebrows. His most unusual feature is his teeth, which sit on the outside of his skin. He has no discernible lips, giving him a skull-like appearance, though this is not related to his Quirk in any readily apparent way. According to Horikoshi, he has the appearance of a good-looking guy. His hero costume is slightly similar to Tenya Ida's in that they both consist of a dark bodysuit with a set of armor over the top and a mask that covers the face. However, rather than being knight-like, Juzo's helmet is more round and elliptical, tinted black with orange lines supporting the sides. The helmet does not cover his entire head; some tufts of hair around the back of his head and chin are still visible. Juzo's helmet is also equipped with a retractable snorkel which he uses for swimming under softened surfaces. His chest plate is made up of three pieces which are held on by two thick metal straps going over his shoulders, along with a jewel-shaped plate supported between them. He wears orange vambraces and plates placed over his thighs, calves and upper arms. He also sports a pair of elevated, green and orange boots with pipe-like shafts on his feet, white gloves on his hands, and white kneepads. Juzo hates losing; however, like the rest of his class, he does not feel bad about letting others receive what they deserve as shown when he let his classmates continue at the Sports Festival. Juzo is also shown to have a calm, understanding demeanor when dealing with his classmates' antics, notably during the Joint Training Battle. Juzo notably cares about his friends' well-being, mentioning that he wouldn't let them down due to his mistake during Round 3 of his battle against Team 3-A. He is constantly being praised for his "soft and flexible thinking" by Sen Kaibara. Juzo has admitted he is not stubborn enough to draw out battle in unfavorable conditions. When Tenya unveiled Recipro Turbo, Juzo realized he was at a grave disadvantage and decided to retreat, showing his good judgment towards fight or flight. Juzo does not put up with Monoma's complaining about Class A and implores him to tell them directly, which Monoma does.

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