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Jyushimatsu Matsuno
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松野 十四松
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Matsuno Jūshimatsu
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May 24th
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Jyushimatsu Matsuno is a character in the series Osomatsu-kun. He is one of the sextuplets. His name derives from 十姉妹, the Japanese name for the Bengalese finch. However, besides being spelled with the kanji for "pine", the characters for "fourteen" are also substituted. His place in the order of the sextuplets was ambiguous and not of importance in early media, other than leaving him assumed to be the youngest brother at times due to falling last in some orders. However, he has been established as the second-youngest son in recent works, most notably his counterpart in the 2015-2016 spinoff Osomatsu-san. Jyushimatsu's appearance differs very little, if at all, from that of his brothers. In the Takeshobo reprints, he was assigned purple as a theme color and even appears wearing it on a cover. However, for the April Fools' joke on the Osomatsu-san website, the -kun era Jyushimatsu was assigned green. After age 16 to age 18, Jyushimatsu is shown to have constantly spaced apart, narrowed eyes and a bitter expression, though this flips to his usual happy face when he's alone and unnoticed. This furthers his visual differences that were already shown when he joined high school, when he had a single cowlick instead of a pair like the rest. He wears his high school uniform shirt hanging out, and has his zipper undone on his pants which he also lets hang loose. He is usually seen with his mouth wide open, smiling, with his tongue visible. He also has one cowlick. He is usually seen wearing a yellow hoodie with stretched sleeves, blue swim shorts and white socks. At home, he wears yellow slippers. Like the rest of his brothers, he occasionally can be seen wearing a light blue blazer, gray slacks, and black dress shoes when they all attempt to dress formally. In the Jyushimatsu Matsuri episode, it is suggested that Jyushimatsu's current look came about at age 16 (though he was also shown to be constantly smiling as a newborn, standing out from his brothers in being awake while they slept). This is elaborated on in the movie, though in a different and extended way for how he achieved his current look and attitude. Jyushimatsu is a kinder, friendly, and thoughtful type of boy, tending to avoid roughness if he can and crying easily. But this does not mean he is never complicit in fights and trouble, and he can participate in plenty mischief and unreasonable pranks (such as creating pitfalls, or putting dandruff in shaved ice). He can also be a bit eccentric in such ways. Out of the savings the brothers hold, he is often in possession of 14 yen though this can also vary upon a setting. As he is fairly obedient, he can be easily coaxed into a situation by his brothers. Unfortunately, this obedience also makes him very gullible and weak to others' harm. At times, he'll wind up late for a plan as he'll instead take part in actions that seem natural to him. In the story "Our Rooms are Cool", he confesses to Iyami that he's insecure of not standing out among the sextuplets (as his name "is never called first"), with his presence being the weakest and him becoming weary of the world. In Iyami's first formal appearance, he can't get Jyushimatsu's name right and instead refers to him by Jyunimatsu ("twelve matsu"). In the movie, it is shown that this incarnation of Jyushimatsu attempted to differentiate more from the group at age 16, taking on a tough and crude persona that masked a more happy and whimsical self that would eventually fully break free after his graduation. This evolution is sealed in place by the interactions between the 20-something Jyushimatsu and that past self. When attempting to act as a delinquent, this Jyushimatsu would pretend to smoke invisible cigarettes and act out in other outlandish ways, down to dropping his pants and letting his bare buttocks be exposed. Jyushimatsu is the strange one and the most child-like of the Matsuno brothers. He is generally happy, energetic and over-excited almost all the time, and is rarely seen in a serious state. According to Ichimatsu, Jyushimatsu also has trouble blending in with other people due to his extreme child-like personality and his bizarre attitude. This is to the point where the others speculated that he may have the most hidden darkness among them, and even Ichimatsu confessed to believing so until he realized "he's just Jyushimatsu" and cannot necessarily be classified (being even in his own "genre"). Despite this, he can display the most kindest among the sextuplets through his outgoing personality, and was willing to help Ichimatsu find ESP Kitty. However, if it is cold or something else sets him off, Jyushimatsu's anger and other unreasonable behavior can be most dangerous. In other times, he will simply do whatever he wants with no logic to it except whatever may be natural in his own mind. In Christmas Osomatsu-san, it is established that Jyushimatsu makes it a point to stay up and wait for Santa every Christmas, and has done so since he was a child. But this is for a much less innocent purpose than what his brothers may think; his purpose of waiting was so that in the end, he could finally get the chance to tie up Santa and capture him. As part of his unusual nature, Jyushimatsu can display the most reality-warping and "anime physics" examples out of the sextuplets, down to spontaneously multiplying himself into many copies or generating muscle growth.

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