Kaden Husbando

Original Name
Romaji Name
Place of Origin
Kitsune Hamlet, Hoshido
Date of Birth
July 12th
Blood Type
Submitted By
Popularity # 16302
Like # 17979
Trash # 9106

Kaden is a Kitsune youth from a remote region of Hoshido. Following his father’s footsteps, he held the position of leader of the Kitsune Hamlet and kept his people in order. If he achieves an S-Support, he will have a daughter named Selkie. He has the best posture in the army. Succeeding his father as the leader of the Kitsune clan, Kaden is responsible for leading his tribe, ensuring their well-being and security. He has proven to have performed a splendid job in this regard; in Chapter 19 of the Conquest route, he makes the momentous decision to fight against Corrin's army in order to protect his clan and avoid running the risk of invoking the threat of their being slain for their fur. While he can be very serious in dire situations, Kaden is actually rather playful and mischievous. This may be observed in his various supports, where he teases and amuses the people he interacts with. Kaden is also known to go out of his way to repay those whom he feels indebted to, even if they have only performed a small favor for him. Kaden is also a little bit of narcissist, spending much of his free time carefully grooming his fur. Proud of his coat, Kaden shows it off to everyone he meets, even letting them touch it to gauge how fluffy it is for themselves. His supports with Keaton reveal that he is afraid of spiders.

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