Kafei Husbando

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During his youth, Kafei was a member of the Bombers Secret Society of Justice. The owner of the Curiosity Shop states that he was a childhood friend of Kafei's and gave him the Keaton Mask as a gift. Later, Kafei eventually fell in love with Anju when they were children and they became engaged. They promised each other to marry on the day of the Carnival of Time, exchanging the Sun and Moon's Mask during the event. However, several years later, and only a month before the Carnival, Kafei was suddenly turned into a child by the possessed Skull Kid. On his way to see the Great Fairy in North Clock Town about his desperate situation, Sakon came along and stole his wedding ceremony mask. As such, Kafei could not return to Anju despite knowing that she was worried, for he had promised her to greet her with his wedding mask in hand. He goes into hiding at the Curiosity Shop and disguises himself with a Keaton Mask that the owner gave him when he was a child, secretly watching all of the customers who sell stolen goods. He is positive that the thief will appear and he will be able to follow him to retrieve his mask. Despite Kafei's terrible fate, Anju does not know what has become of him or why he disappeared. She is afraid to meet her fiancé and hear the reason as to why he disappeared, for she fears his disappearance might have been caused by her.

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