Taiga Kagami Husbando

Taiga Kagami
Original Name
火神 大我
Romaji Name
Kagami Taiga
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
August 2nd 1998
190.00 cm
82.00 kg
Blood Type
Popularity # 6344
Like # 6039
Trash # 6855

Taiga Kagami is the deuteragonist of the Kuroko no Basuke series as well as the ace and power forward of Seirin High. He is Tetsuya Kuroko's basketball colleague and friend who is determined to defeat the Generation of Miracles and become the best in Japan. Kagami has exceptional basketball talents and has been called "The Miracle who did not become one of the Miracles". Kagami is very muscular for a high school student. He is very tall, giving him an overwhelming aura, which some say is like the intensity of a wild tiger. He has two-toned dark red and black hair and red eyes. His eyes are pointed and narrow and his eyebrows are quite thick and split in two, which Murasakibara does not fail to remark on. He wears the red, black and white Seirin High jersey with the number 10 and wears black and red basketball shoes. He is also occasionally seen with a shiny metal necklace with a ring on it, which represents his brotherhood with Tatsuya Himuro. When he wears his school uniform, he keeps his gakuran unzipped, while wearing a white shirt underneath. Kagami while at times reserved in the past and towards his upperclassmen in the present via Seirin, is very ambitious, stubborn and determined. He refuses to give up in a difficult situation and he is also very head strong. He is well known for his undying and furious fighting spirit. Kagami enjoys to play against strong opponents and sees no point in playing basketball when there are no challenges; this was evident when Kagami faced Kuroko Tetsuya for the first time. The down-side of this, is that he is also very hot-headed and has a short temper. When Kuroko brought Tetsuya #2 to training, it is revealed that Kagami is scared of dogs and suffered Cynophobia. This fear originates from his time in America, where he was once bitten by a dog. He overcame this fear when he realized that Tetsuya #2 is a good motivation for the team. He is also a glutton and is able to eat at least five times a normal meal. He is shown to be a great cook when Riko Aida tried to cook for the team to save money, but ended up almost killing everyone with her food, leading to Kagami cooking instead and teaching Riko how to cook too. During the series, and especially after the Interhigh and during the Winter Cup, Kagami matured a lot. Instead of going up against every provocation and losing his temper quickly, he thinks before he acts and has developed some sort of hindsight that lets him simulate a possible one-on-one battle. Even though he still hates losing, he has somewhat accepted peace with it. Now, he has become a much more clever player that doesn't plunge into battles without thinking first and also has learned to greatly trust his teammates over the course of his time in Seirin.

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