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Kagero is an ally unit in Fire Emblem Fates on the Birthright and Revelation routes. One of Ryoma's personal retainers, Kagero is a Hoshidan kunoichi who is loyal and serious to a fault. She is known to have been best friends with the Diviner Orochi since childhood. Kagero is predominantly defined by her fierce loyalty to Ryoma, where she will not hesitate to sacrifice herself in order to preserve his life. According to her supports with Kaze, this loyalty of hers sees her devoting the bulk of her time to training or fulfilling missions, leaving her with little time for leisure. Compared to Saizo, however, the extent of her loyalty is less extreme; through her supports with him, she blandly chastises him for instilling unnecessary fear into the new recruits of the Hoshidan army by insisting that they be prepared to sacrifice their lives to protect their lieges. Kagero often presents herself as a calm, confident individual, befitting of one who acts as a personal bodyguard of the Hoshidan high prince. This sense of collectedness is consistently maintained even when she is faced with tense situations. One such example may be observed in Kagero's B support with Takumi, where, in response to him demanding her to explain what is lacking in his sense of patience, she remains calm enough to carefully craft a reply without offending him. Despite the serious demeanour that Kagero commonly presents, she is still able to form meaningful relationships with others and take up hobbies for amusement.

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