Kagero Okuta Husbando

Kagero Okuta
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Kagero Okuta, also known as Giran, is a C-rank villain and broker in association with the League of Villains, working to scout new recruits for their organization. Giran appears indifferent and unsympathetic towards others, focused only on getting money from his clients. His constant smirk makes him look smugly self-confident. His cell phone case features bunny ears and he lights his cigarettes using the flame of a gun, suggesting he has eccentric tastes. Despite being only interested in profiting of his dealings, Giran possesses standards. He refuses to have dealings with anyone he hates, and no amount of money or threats will change his mind. He is also willing to offer advise or his opinion to his clients if he thinks it is necessary, and has an open disdain for big businesses trying to cut into his racket.

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