Ritsu Kageyama Husbando

Ritsu Kageyama
Original Name
影山 律
Romaji Name
Kageyama Ritsu
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
July 2nd
159.40 cm
45.00 kg
Blood Type
Submitted By
Popularity # 6765
Like # 6285
Trash # 9069

Ritsu Kageyama is a second-year student at Salt Middle School, the son of Mr. Kageyama and Mrs. Kageyama and the younger brother of Mob. Ritsu is a seventh-grade student with black hair slightly longer than Mob's hair, which appears slightly disheveled. His eyes are much more expressive than his brother's, with his irises being slightly larger. Despite being younger than Mob, Ritsu is slightly taller than him. He is also considered rather handsome. His school uniform is a black gakuran tsume-eri outfit with the top having a standing collar buttoning down from top-to-bottom. Ritsu is a very clever boy who serves on the student council, where he excels in academics and everything else he tries, but none of that matters to him as much as having psychic powers. Before he awoke his own psychic powers, he longed for the esper abilities his brother always had and was frustrated by his own inability to do things like bend spoons and held some frustration at his brother because he was naturally born with his psychic powers. He is a perfectionist but also has a dark side that mainly develops when he obtains his psychic powers. Even though he loves his brother very much, he has an inferiority complex toward him, which is ironic, since Mob also has an inferiority complex toward Ritsu. However, this concerns his academic skills and social charisma. Ritsu always has been envious of Mob, and according to him, he convinced himself it was admiration over his brother's psychic abilities. But in reality, Ritsu was always scared of his brother and what he would do if he ever got stressed out. It is why they could never have a normal brotherly relationship, like having fights as brothers, since he'd be defenseless against Mob. He later tells his brother that he's lost all interest in their relationship and the friendship they have is over, although Mob can instantly tell this is a lie. Later on, when Ritsu is captured, and when Mob reunites with him, he hugs his brother in relief, leaving Ritsu shocked due to his brother's affection despite his terrible attitude towards him. After hearing Mob praise him for his intelligence, he is brought to tears and thanks his brother, their relationship is restored and improved because of it. Once he uses his psychic powers and becomes more powerful, the power begins to go to his head, becoming even more ruthless and unrelenting than ever before. This was seen when he mercilessly defeated several gang members that came to attack him and later when he meets his brother again, telling him about the inferiority and fear he felt towards him and going so far as to say he lost all interest in their relationship. But after being captured and showered with praise from Mob, who goes so far as to say there's nobody he admires more than Ritsu, this power-hungry side changes, and he accepts that having psychic powers does not mean everything. Unlike Mob, he finds it okay to use psychic violence against people when necessary. In the end, his brother is more important to him than anyone or anything else. He is apparently serious, but he can be pretty jumpy at times.

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