Kaguya Shinomiya

Kaguya Shinomiya
Original Name
四宮 かぐや
Romaji Name
Shinomiya Kaguya
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Date of Birth
January 1st
158.00 cm
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Kaguya Shinomiya is the main protagonist and the titular character of the Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai series. She is a third-year high school student at Shuchi'in Academy, a member of the Archery Club, and the Vice President of the 67th and 68th Student Council. Kaguya is a beautiful, fair-skinned young girl with long black hair that is usually tied by a black-red ribbon (her hair appears to be mid-back length when she lets it down) with bangs/hair strands hanging on either side, large, almond-shaped red eyes (that can look sharper, depending on her mood), thin eyebrows and a slim, but feminine build, with a noticeably small chest. She is described in her manga character profile as possessing 'stunning beauty'. In the past, and at the beginning of her time in the Student Council, she always wore her hair down, without her iconic red ribbon. As 'The Ice Princess', her eyes appeared sharper, darker, and lifeless, giving her the aura of a gloomy, cold, unapproachable, and unattainable beauty. This reflected her mental state, influenced by her ruthlessly strict upbringing, where she acted cold towards others, pushing them away because she feared hurting others. Later, as she became closer to the other members of the Student Council, (in particular, Miyuki Shirogane) and other students, she asks her maid Ai Hayasaka to make her "cute". The ribbon is her attempt at making appear less imposing and cold to others and marks a shift in her personality. Rather than coldly pushing and distancing herself from others, she starts to form meaningful relationships and becomes brighter, cuter, and happier overall. This change is particularly reflected in her eyes, which no longer looked vacant and distant. Now, her eyes appear wider and livelier. She is typically dressed in the Shuchi'in school uniform. Kaguya was a very cold and rational individual, but she slowly changed after joining the student council. During her earlier days in council, she considered Miyuki Shirogane as one she would be fine to be in a relationship with if, and only if, he confesses first, thus she constantly plays mind games in trying to get him to confess. Later in the series, her actions imply that she is starting to accept her feelings of liking Miyuki, but won't openly admit it. Due to being part of a wealthy and important family, Kaguya is sometimes seen arrogant and is very confident about her intelligence and incredible skills. However this only her image that portates outside. Deep down she always is with an inmmense pressure for accomplishing her family's expectations, feels desesperate to do things her friends daily do. She doesn't consider herself a good person and as such, has a longing for true kindness that borders on obsession which she found in Miyuki. She cares about the members of the student council and considers them as treasured friends. Kaguya has a bad habit of immediately turning to money to solve her problems. In general, she tends to address people in a formal manner, and almost always uses their last names in a conversation. Because of having a very protected childhood, Kaguya rarely had interacted with people apart of Ai Hayasaka who's served her since a very young age and Kaguya considers a sister rather than a servant until she joined the student council. She also lacks of what could be considered as common knowledge or doing common things from people of her age such as going to shopping in group, watching the fireworks at night, and taking photographs with her friends. She also doesn't know much about using the internet, had no idea that websites like Twitter existed and only found out about it when Hayasaka told her. Kaguya suffers from mood swings, which is a result of her upbringing, with the various moods having their own distinct pseudo-personalities that occasionally act out mental court cases in her head, serving as a visual representation of her psyche. There is Ice Queen, taking form with a Kaguya's pre-council hairstyle and being the prosecutor of other representations. The Moron, appearing with a flower sprouting from her head and deformed to a chibi in later appearances. And finally, the Kaguya Child version takes the role of the judge. It has been shown that when Kaguya becomes sick or otherwise incapacitated, her basic human desires skyrocket as a result of her brain not being as functional as it usually is, thus making her ego fundamentally dormant while it takes over her. Chika describes this state as akin to a "baby" and Kaguya herself has no recollection of any events during this state. Due to her lack of sexual knowledge, she developed a rather immature sense of humor, especially regarding words related to sex such as "wiener" and tends to laugh hysterically when such words are uttered. Like Miyuki, Kaguya is very popular and female students often ask her for love advices believing she has experience and has many knowledge about it. But turns out she's never had a boyfriend before, so she doesn't really know much about it but tries her best to hide that fact.

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