Kaikoku Onigasaki Husbando

Kaikoku Onigasaki
Original Name
鬼ヶ崎 カイコク
Romaji Name
Onigasaki Kaikoku
Appears In
The Ones Within
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
February 3rd
178.00 cm
Blood Type
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He is fair-skinned and young with a well-built body. He has short black hair with sturdy black eyes and has a hidden tattoo on his right behind his kimono and also carries an umbrella on his right hand and a katana on his left side, the katana is rarely used.He is dressed in the traditional Japanese style. He is wearing a black and brown kimono and arm warmers that go onto his middle finger. Grayish-blue trousers messily tucked into his leg warmers that are half to his knees and black getas (with red straps) on his feet and a paper mask of a demon face. His casual clothes, in the offical arts, consisted of white long-sleeved T-shirt and black buttonless cardigan or a grey polo shirt. He also wears glasses sometimes. He wears long black hadajuban when sleeping,As the only heir to the Onigasaki clan, his grandfather placed extreme pressure and expectations on him, causing him to break down and finally decide to disown his family, running away from homes and turning to games to relieve his emotions. The peak was when his grandfather told him to leave the house and never set his foot in the Onigasaki threshold ever again. He was kidnapped the next day after he got disinherited by his grandfather. Kaikoku is a free-spirit with a laid-back and rebellious personality. Due to his rebellious personality, he doesn't care about following the rules and often causes problems for the groups. He acts as he likes and prefers to do things alone as he doesn't want to be put to work by others. Despite that, he is a trustworthy person with high responsive abilities and extremely capable when the need arises, making him the most cut-out for unexpected situations. He appears to have fondness for girls and is considered as the most perverted in the group. From the way he refused to be hugged by Makino in Episode 7: Footsteps Outside it seems like he doesn't want to be all touchy-feely with boys. Kaikoku is not good at expressing his emotions and can be surprisingly awkward at certain situations that he usually just tries to get away from it. He can seem indifference at first, but he actually cares about others. When he was with the underground crew, he consoled Sakura when she was torn between choosing Nanami and Hiro or her twin brother, Zakuro. He also helped being a mediator between the Oshigiri twins by passing Sakura's message to Zakuro, despite the person not being able to understand it because he wasn't allowed to tell about her wherabouts. He always acts like he hated his grandfather but immediately lose control at the moment he found out his grandfather's in critical condition, showing that he might not hate him that much after all. In episode 10: Hold on and Let Go, he just confronted Yuzu to tell him the truth about her relation with Paca and refused to see her as an enemy. In chapter 29 of the manga (Rare Animal Coming), Kaikoku also consoled Karin when she suddenly burst out crying in front of him after telling him about her worries over yuzu, reminding her of her brother.

black eyes black hair fair skin short hair tattoo rebellious
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