Kajun Faycott

Kajun Faycott
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Kajun Faikotto
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Kajun Faycott is a scientist for Sector Seven and a close friend of Mai Natsume. She is one of Kokonoe's assistants, and is both a spy and researcher. She created the Legacy Weapon - Gallia Sphyras: Outseal. Kajun has an insatiable thirst for knowledge and an unbreakable bond with Mai. She is one of the main characters of both BlazBlue: Remix Heart and BlazBlue: Variable Heart, and appeared in BlazBlue: Central Fiction as an NPC. Absolutely obsessed with research and the pursuit of knowledge. Kajun has many quirks in her personality, but remains affable to everyone she comes across. To this end, she works hard under Kokonoe and Sector Seven, and will do nearly anything to ensure that she does not fail in her missions. Even though she is a dedicated scientist and researcher, Kajun has a good sense of humor and can be startled easily by things that she does not expect - however, she is prepared for nearly every situation, making this a rare occasion. Kajun has a deep affection for Mai, and will go to any means to protect her. The two are close enough to fall asleep together, and Kajun herself even developed the Outseal with Mai in mind. Their relationship appears platonic as their bond is that close. Always carrying an air of mystery around her, Kajun also flaunts her intelligence every now and again, using her vast amount of general knowledge to answer just about any question that comes her way. In front of one of her superiors, such as Kokonoe, she flounders and has been known to excessively apologize for making even tiny mistakes. She constantly maintains a cute attitude to those around her, making her occupation as a spy for Sector Seven difficult to deduce.

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