Kakeru Shiwasu

Kakeru Shiwasu
Original Name
師走駆 (Shiwasu Kakeru)
Romaji Name
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
December 12th 1997
166.00 cm
Blood Type
Submitted By
toraishi v2
Popularity # 29735
Like # 34035
Trash # 16472

A cheerful labor (part-time job) boy, Kakeru is lively, works with all his might with little complaint, is rarely discouraged and does not like to lose. Despite his unlucky constitution, he starts his day in high-spirits and top-form. He is the type who will only continue to grow as time passes. Together with this, Kakeru carries a strong sense of pride and believes in self-reliance, as shown by how he chose to work part-time to support himself instead of relying on the allowance his parents were giving him, since it was his choice to move out of his home. Kakeru also shows great love and appreciation for food, in part due to him living on his own prior to moving into the dorms, as well as being in a stage of rapid growth and metabolism. However, he isn't selfish and is more than willing to share with others, and is also aware of how he should watch his calorie intake. Kakeru does feel uncomfortable when it comes to his height sometimes, especially due to him now being the shortest among the two groups. At some times, he feels as if his height makes him seem like a person isn't very dependable, and, while he doesn't dislike it, he gets treated like a child.

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