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Kalego Naberius
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February 14th
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Naberius Kalego is one of the prestigious professors at Babyls Academy, a school in the demon world. He is the homeroom teacher of the Abnormal Class, one of Suzuki Iruma's teachers, as well as Iruma's familiar after being contracted to him which is unbeknownst to him due to Iruma's true nature as a human. Kalego has short, deep purple, cropped hair with a long fringe and sideswept wing style. He wears a long purple cloak under a short purple shoulder capulet with white trimming and a studded purple belt. His fingernails are black. He has a tall, lean frame and is often seen scowling. He wears the traditional Babyls' Teachers uniform. When he was a student, Kalego had longer hair and kept bangs. He wears a modified version of the Babyls uniform of purple color, with a long flowing robe. When summoned by Iruma, Kalego appears as a small white creature resembling an owl chick, about the size of a grapefruit, with small black, bat-like wings, black, horn-like tufts, and Kalego's distinctive front hair curl. Kalego has a personality that is somewhat antagonistic in nature. He is derisive, intimidating, and has a very short temper. He often scolds students around him to stay quiet. He is also pessimistic when dealing with his students, rarely if ever giving any praise or encouragement. He holds a very strong dislike and detest toward people who are boisterous, brash, and inconsiderate of others. He similarly holds those who he feels are troublemakers or have easygoing trouble-making go at their pace personalities such as disliking Clara immediately after meeting her and seeming to dislike the Abnormal class whom he teaches. While not always cruel, Kalego is incredibly intimidating to the majority of students. Even some of the teachers were wary of him. When he strongly dislikes someone, while he won't go out of his way to make their life as miserable as possible, he is always ready to make it difficult whenever the opportunity presents itself. He is also sadistic, taking enjoyment when those he dislikes are embarrassed or put in unfavorable positions, such as when Iruma and Sabnock are forced to kneel after they complete the race, he condescendingly laughs at them for their misfortune. In addition, Kalego has the tendency to vent his frustrations at things he could not control (such as Sullivan's antics) on other unrelated people. He gave the class extra homework for their Final Days because the home visits ordained by Sullivan irritated and humiliated him, as well as the recent example of his examination of the Babyls teacher's dorms when he was forced to accompany Iruma on a personal tour. However, Kalego never attempts to punish the students for something they didn't do. He is willing to recognize and acknowledge his students' achievements, giving out rewards whenever they are due. He is also honorable and keeps his promises, such as in the lease of Royal One. He also has an odd friendship with fellow teacher Balam whom almost everyone else avoids due to his scary appearance, implying that while he is judgmental of others he doesn't judge others based on appearances alone (though he does unfairly judge other people based on his own perceived biases such as towards Iruma). Despite this incriminating antagonistic personality, Kalego also knows how to be intimidated by others, that is, his attitude towards Opera, his former upperclassman when they went to the same school, and every time both are around Kalego's pride and demeanor constantly changes to whatever Opera wishes for him to do, or to be, much to his chargrin. Although he constantly appears disgruntled by his students, in truth, he cares about each and every one of them. He has a lot of integrity as a teacher, and even with his usual antics, as a teacher himself he does not back down from his responsibilities. In truth, he learns about these students in great detail, understanding their strengths and weaknesses thoroughly. He keeps individual notebooks full of observations for each of them and doing his best to give them each sincere helpful feedback during his home visits. Kalego also has high expectations for the class, assigning them arduous trials with high-class tutors to help them reach the best of their potential. At times, some of his irritation toward his students seems to stem from concerns for their safety or frustration at them for not reaching their own potential. Over time, he has developed a unique dynamic with the Abnormal Class, taking their mischief in strides, retaliating whenever appropriate, and facilitating their growth. In general, he is also extremely proud of the education of Babyls, being the person who wrote the teacher's guidebook for the school. He is incredibly offended whenever his education philosophies and methods are being questioned, even snapping at the complaints of a student's parent, before being pacified by Dantalion Dali. As a teacher of Babyls, he is committed to protecting and guiding his students, pledging on his life to ensure their safety and punish any threat to them. Kalego's hobby is collecting and caring for cacti. He also likes music and is quite a proficient musician, capable of playing multiple instruments and understanding the intricacies of music pieces. Balam hinted that Kalego is used to suppressing his more lighthearted emotional expressions, such as laughing.

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