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Kana is a character in Fire Emblem Fates. The child of Corrin, Kana grew up in one of the many Deeprealms. In general, Kana's personality is most comparable to that of most children; constantly cheerful, has a big imagination and is extremely enthusiastic however they tend to get really emotional and they hate being referred to as a child and the thought of growing up. Kana absolutely adores the Avatar and aspires to be like them and, just like the Avatar, Kana walks around barefoot, is perpetually optimistic, and may apologize after attacking. They are also more clever than they let on, just like the Avatar, and isn't above using people's preconceived notions of their ditziness to hide it, although this is only revealed in Female Kana's S-support with Dwyer. Although they are naturally cheerful, happy and frank, they really have a dislike of being alone. Female Kana loves to help others in anyway she can, especially around her father. She is particularly prone to crying in an instant. Female Kana's loneliness is actually crippling enough that she cries whenever she's alone, as shown in her supports with Forrest, but she nonetheless tries to keep up a cheerful demeanor in front of the rest of the army. In her C-Support with the Avatar, Kana is busy doing errands for people to save money. Although the Avatar asks her if she wants help, she rejects and refuses to tell him what she intends to buy with the money she is saving. In her B-Support, Kana buys him a ring since the other royal family siblings have a ring of their own except for him. Grateful for her gift, in their A-Support, the Avatar buys her a ring of her own. Although the ring is too big for her at the moment, they decide to put it on a piece of string as a necklace until she can wear it properly. The Avatar promises to keep on being a family, much to Kana's delight.

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