Kana Arima

Kana Arima
Original Name
Romaji Name
Arima Kana
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Date of Birth
150.00 cm
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Popularity # 882
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Kana Arima is a major supporting character in the Oshi no Ko manga series. She is a childhood acquaintance of Aqua and Ruby Hoshino and a prodigious child actress, though her popularity has waned over the years. She is also the center of the revived idol group B-Komachi. Though talented, she eventually got fewer jobs due to being difficult to work with, causing her to change her acting style to survive in the industry. However, after meeting Aqua and Ruby again and being recruited into B-Komachi as well as through her rivalry with Akane Kurokawa, she steadily began to undo the shackles she placed on herself. Kana is described as a cute girl having an innocent face, shoulder-length pinkish-red hair that has blunt bangs and pinkish-red eyes. Due to her occupation and high cute fashion sense, she often wears various outfits and hats. Initially introduced as a cocky child actress with a sharp tongue, Kana was moved to tears after witnessing Aqua Hoshino's performance. However, since then, she has matured and grown into a much kinder person, although her gruff manner of speaking still surfaces when she experiences intense emotions. She has consistently strived to become a better version of herself. Though things have cooled down for Kana toward stardom, being a great actress is still her main goal. Kana is described as a diligent and hardworking girl who is empathetic, cheerful and confident with an impressive sense of responsibility. She can also be rude and sharp-tongued at times due to her past. She continued honing her acting even when she could not find work, as mentioned above. She also puts the quality of the product above everything else, even willing to lower her acting level and risk her reputation as an actor. When Kana was a child, people often praised her for her talents which led to her being called a genius actor. However, this got over her head and influenced her personality leading to her becoming pompous, imperious, and extremely difficult to work with. Due to neglecting other people and being difficult to work with, she started losing jobs as her popularity began to decline. Her mother started to pressure her and take her frustration out on her. Kana became desperate and worked hard by trying different ways to get more jobs by diving into different fields other than acting, including singing. There was relative success, but it did not last long. After her realization, she started to fix herself and became extremely easy to work with. Her acting, which used to hog all the spotlight herself, transformed into someone who acts for others. Even while in the new B-Komachi, Kana tends to put herself down. Despite being praised by others for her talents, she is not confident enough to be the center of attention. Even while the center was being decided, Kana decided to sit out and preferred to go to Karaoke alone. When Ruby Hoshino and Mem-Cho, who aren't good singers, check out Kana's other music videos, they are astonished at her good singing abilities. Her experience of losing work because of standing out too much seems to have impacted her self-confidence a bit too much. Despite having low self-confidence, Aqua comments how she shines the brightest when she's the center of attention. Akane Kurokawa also respects her as an actor, and her career is impacted by Kana's acting, further solidifying her acting abilities. Even after being dejected, when Kana finds something that cheers her up even monetarily, she regains her composure and starts working even harder, as seen during her first performance in JIF. She also wishes for someone to be by her side and wish her the best. She also remarked that even for once, if someone said she was helpful, she would work hard for that person forever, reflecting how desperate she might be to get acknowledged for her talents. Her childhood neglect by the irresponsible adults around her affected her self-esteem. However, Kana has time and again proved herself of being worthy by being a hard worker and continuously aiming towards giving her best no matter what. Kana also doesn't like to depend on others, as seen when the news about her coming out of the director's house was about to come out. She has a strong mentality and doesn't like to depend excessively on others. According to her, "online hate doesn't bother her as she is used to getting cursed at since she was 5". Even though she might seem unbothered, Kana is also really soft-hearted. When Aqua distanced himself from her, Kana suddenly became very upset and even cried in the street. However, even if she might get emotional, she also composes herself pretty easily. She is also very strict about acting and even told off Akane not to baby Aqua.

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