Kanae Tawata

Kanae Tawata
Original Name
타와타 카나에
Romaji Name
Tawata Kanae
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Popularity # 7663
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Trash # 14918

Kanae Tawata is a Japanese S-Rank Hunter under the Draw Sword Guild. Kanae is a young woman with long black hair, blood-red eyes, purple lipstick, and black fingernails. She also has a very toned physique along with numerous black tattoos that cover her arms and the upper left half of her chest. When using her powers, her eyes glow red. During her first appearance, she wore a dark purple hat, a pink jacket, and black pants. During the Japan Crisis Arc, she wore her hair in pigtails and was dressed in a loose dark pink jacket that showed her midriff, black armored boots, and black baggy pants, with two katanas hanging from the left side of her waist. Kanae is a serious person who cares about the well-being of her teammates, as displayed when she yelled at Kumamoto to stop panicking so that he wouldn't get himself killed. She is also hotheaded, as she lost her temper at Hoshino when he wouldn't quit rambling about how they were doomed against the Ant King and angrily complained about how she was essentially being left behind to clean up the corpses of the giants killed by Jinwoo's shadow army during the events of the Tokyo Crisis.

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