Kaname Shirakawa

Kaname Shirakawa
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Kaname Shirakawa is a recurring minor character in Juujika no Rokunin. Appearance: Kaname Shirakawa is a high-school girl of average height and a small petite build. She has blonde/white hair that goes down to her shoulders. Personality: Kaname is a very kind girl and pretty shy. She has strong feelings for Shun, since she was bullyed by Kyou's group too when child, but they stopped tormenting her to bully Shun, so she feels strongly indebted to him. She is terribly traumatised after being raped by Hiro, isolating herself from everyone and hiding what happened even from her brother. The only one who knows what happened is Shun, who will avenge her. This will allow her to slowly return to her normal life. Some time later, Kaname bumps into Uruma after the latter murdered Kuga. At first, she seems to have normally recovered from the trauma Hiro put her through, as shown when she happily took Uruma with her to an amusement park to spend time together. However, it is later revealed that she is still traumatized by the pain Hiro had put her through, and because of this, she requests Uruma to "overwrite" those memories by having sex with her, to which the latter complies (though he regrets this later as he thinks that he is just as bad as his bullies for doing so).

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