Kanata Kamado Husbando

Kanata Kamado
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Kamado Kanata
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Kanata Kamado is the great-great-grandson of Tanjiro Kamado and Kanao Tsuyuri, and the older brother of Sumihiko Kamado. He is a teenage student currently going to the same school as his brother and Toko and Yoshiteru Agatsuma. Kanata is a young man of reasonable height with short black hair, cut into a neat fringe that hangs over his forehead. His eyes are gentle and of a dark violet color with paler rings of lavender around their edges, and he's usually seen with an expressionless face. Overall, his appearance bears a strong resemblance to that of his ancestor Kanao Tsuyuri. Kanata wears his high school's uniform, consisting of a pale blue dress shirt with a sleeveless, white v-neck cardigan worn over the top, and plain black pants. He wears a black necktie around his neck, as well as a pair of dark brown dress shoes and a watch with a white strap on his left wrist. Kanata takes after Kanao in terms of personality as well as appearance, as he is often seen with a blank expression and communicates with most everyone in a monotonous manner. He also appears to be rather mathematical, as he accurately counted and recalled the amount of times he told his brother to wake up. However, it's shown that he'll drop this personality when around Toko Agatsuma, as he's seen smiling at her and calling her cute when they meet up on the walk to school.

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