Kanata Ubuyashiki

Kanata Ubuyashiki
Original Name
産屋敷 かなた
Romaji Name
Ubuyashiki Kanata
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Kanata Ubuyashiki is the youngest daughter of Kagaya Ubuyashiki. She currently serves her older brother, the current head of the Ubuyashiki Household, Kiriya Ubuyashiki. Kanata has pale, light skin and a set of large, dark eyes. Her hair is shaped into a blunt white bob haircut similar to the rest of her siblings. She adorns an elongated wisteria headpiece on the right side of her head as opposed to the left side like her brother. During the Final Selection Arc, Kanata wore a purple, flower-patterned Hōmongi kimono with a dark indigo juban under it. She also sported a sheen green obi with a dark indigo obiage and a plum-red obijime tying it. During the Infinity Castle Arc, Kanata wore a purple Edo komon kimono with a white juban under it, sporting a black obi with a white obiage and a pink obijime, completely identical to her twin sister Kuina Ubuyashiki. Kanata's first appearance during the Final Selection depicts herself to be a professional, intelligent, and focused individual on her given task of explaining the proper details regarding the exam. Kanata also displays a degree of emotional aloofness when describing the fatal consequences of the exam, given the likely chances that not even half of the gathered trainees would survive the test. This indifferent attitude is also seen during the exams ending when Kanata doesn't display any form of panic, fear, or intimidation despite being manhandled and threatened by Genya Shinazugawa. However, Kanata does show a fragile side after the death of her parents and older sisters, breaking into tears when remembering them. Nonetheless, she is able to regain her composure when Kiriya reminds her to concentrate at the task at hand.

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