Original Name
Romaji Name
Appears In
Dead Or Alive
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
149.00 cm
Blood Type
75.00 cm
56.00 cm
79.00 cm
Popularity # 7758
Like # 11701
Trash # 2758

A female ogre/oni who first appeared in the April 11 2019 update in the DMM version of Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation. Kanna was at some point early in her life sealed within a mountain for a period spanning decades or even centuries. Eventually, when she escaped the mountain, she found a human settlement that had cropped up, and proceeded to participate in its festivals and even played with several of the children, giving her some fondness for them. She has apparently been aware of the Venus Island for a substantial period of time as she has been interested in taking control of it for so long that she can't even remember when this interest began. Upon finding the island and the tenant of the resort, she proceeded to place him under her control and even sat on him. Kanna is shown to be very casual with the owner, arguably rivaling even Misaki, as evidenced by her constantly referring to him by very informal terms such as "heeey" (omae in the Japanese version). Similar to her rival and sort-of friend Nyotengu, Kanna is also shown to be a jokester, such as her at times lying about certain elements. She is also prone at times to throwing tantrums, namely when she doesn't get her way or when Nyotengu gets involved. She is also shown to be very vain and possibly lustful, as she often goes to great lengths to appear extremely sexy to the Owner and frequently refers to herself as sexy. Despite her demeanor, however, she possesses a lonely side, as she broke down upon realizing that once the festival is over, she'll be all alone due to everyone leaving, which is implied to be related to her significantly longer lifespan compared to humans.

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