Kantarou Ichinomiya Husbando

Kantarou Ichinomiya
Original Name
Romaji Name
Ichinomiya Kantarō
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Damon Cross
Popularity # 43964
Like # 43784
Trash # 36868

Kantarou is a young folklorist and part-time exorcist with an ability to see youkai. Kantarou's features are stark opposite of Haruka's. His short, slightly wavy, hair is a light, silver-grey (almost white), while his large eyes are red. He has a pale complexion due to him being an albino. Despite being an adult, his soft features make him seem more like a young boy than a man. As a person his ability and appearance have affected his way of living from the time he was very young. It ostracized him from other people, thus making him uncomfortable around large crowds. He can lack confidence and be self-concious at times. When he was a child, he spent most of his time around youkai, (his abilities to see them allowing him to do so) and considers himself good at making friends with them. Because he was with the youkai for the majority of his childhood, he never really stayed around humans and has not really developed good people skills. Despite this, he is a very good manipulator, able to fool others into doing what he wants. He is highly intelligent and extremely sneaky. When interacting with others though, he will adopt a more serious and business-like nature. Either they are contacting him to deal with an issue as an exorcist, his editor Reiko is urging him to finish his latest manuscript, or he is trying to sell something to someone. He has been described as a 'tactician' by Haruka due to how he organizes his plans, thinks ahead and how he manipulates a situation to one that suits him.

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