Kaoruko Awata

Kaoruko Awata
Place of Origin
Ehime Prefecture
Date of Birth
April 23rd
167.00 cm
Blood Type
Popularity # 697
Like # 716
Trash # 689

Kaoruko Awata, also known as Bubble Girl, is a Pro Hero and sidekick. She worked at Sir Nighteye's hero office as a sidekick along with Centipeder, until Sir Nighteye passed away. She still works at the same office, just as one of Centipeder's (the new boss) sidekicks. Kaoruko is a fairly well-built young woman with a rather slim build, her skin light blue in color. She has short, ruffled dark blue hair that curves upwards and downwards around her head, parted to her right, and wide yellow eyes with thick eyelashes. Her hero costume consists of a skintight dark blue crop top with a white high-collared section, a zipper down the middle, over the higher part of her chest, which reveals her torso from the underside of her breasts. She wears black tights with loose white shorts, two yellow markings down the either side of them, and a thick white boots with lines running down their shafts, yellow rings in the center of them. Over her entire face, she wears a transparent visor with an air filter on each side, and on her hands she wears plain dark blue gloves. Kaoruko is shown to be a fairly serious and dedicated hero. She appears to be able to stay calm, even when she was worried Sir Nighteye would fire her, which happens quite frequently.

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