Karen Araragi

Karen Araragi
Original Name
阿良々木 火憐
Romaji Name
Araragi Karen
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
170.00 cm
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Popularity # 190
Like # 167
Trash # 435

Karen Araragi is the eldest of Koyomi Araragi's sisters and the older half of the Tsuganoki 2nd Middle School Fire Sisters. She is a self-proclaimed "hero of justice" who often imitates the personality and quirks of various characters from tokusatsu series. Despite this, she is completely uninvolved with the supernatural, until she becomes victim to a certain oddity. She is also the narrator of an arc in Wazamonogatari. She is the titular protagonist of two main arcs: Karen Bee and Karen Ogre, and two minor arcs: Karen Arm Leg and Karen Brushing. Despite being younger, Karen is taller than Koyomi — a fact that often dismays him — and is the tallest of the three siblings at 170cm (5'7"). Karen ties her black hair into a ponytail on the right side of her head and uses a similar hair accessory as her sister (both their accessories have a sunny side-up egg design). She also has dark gray irises like her siblings. Reflecting her tomboyish lifestyle and energetic personality, Karen's outfit consists of a yellow hoodie and pants, a black tank top, red socks and white running shoes. Befitting her name, Karen is a hot-blooded girl who acts as if she is a superhero who has the duty of protecting others from danger. When she was in elementary school some of Koyomi's thoughtless words nearly drove her to commit suicide. It was then that she started becoming an ally of justice. She states that it was Koyomi who created the "hatred of evil in her heart". She likes to imitate characters from various tokusatsu live action series like Dekaranger. Fortunately, she manages to pull it off due to her flexibility and quick reflexes, which are a product of her constant exercise and training, which involves practicing karate and capoeira, among other martial arts. Her personality often collides with Koyomi's more laid back personality more recently, especially since Koyomi has developed a certain degree of anxiety over his sisters' safety due to his experiences with the supernatural. In fact, he has called Karen's habit of acting like a superhero alongside her sister a "travesty". Along with her sister, Karen does not believe in the supernatural. At times, she acts like a bit of an air-head.

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