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October 28th
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It is hinted that she has a fascination with technology, weapons and/or machinery, including her rifle, and is also presumed she would geek out or be enthusiastic on the subject aside from other attributes for her personality yet to be shown. While it is stated that she may be victorious and active while she feverishly tends to talk about her commitment to machinery and/or blacksmithery, she had shown loyalty with her fellow comrades as she devoted herself with her friends to join Fena's crew on her journey. Despite this, she has shown a serious demeanor during the first episode. It is also stated in Karin's voice actress interview on the official Japanese website that Karin would be a funny yet cool character, casually talking to her fellow comrades and spending time and interacting with Fena as close friends (if not including many facial expressions for Karin throughout the series) outside of combat. Karin also seems to be fiesty whenever she's annoyed. She has also shown ecstatic interest in rare items during her, Fena and their crew's time at Bar-Baral, getting excited over items like yakusugi cedar and a rhinoceros horn.

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